The 80/20 Rule

weightWeight loss seems to be a popular topic these days and I am a firm believer in the 80/20 rule. I’m not saying I’m against all you CrossFit, Insanity, and gym membership holders, but I don’t think it’s for everyone. Most people have some form of inflammation or health condition and while working out is great it’s not going to get you very far in the long run if that’s all you focus on. You join the gym in January, you lose some weight, you go back to your normal routine, the weight comes right back. If we’re not addressing what causes the underlying health conditions it doesn’t matter how much you work out. WE ARE WHAT WE EAT. When you eat well the weight loss comes naturally. Everyone is different and I know some of you won’t touch anything green, think organics are too expensive, or think it takes too much time. I’m not saying you all need to become raw foodies or vegetarians, just make small changes so you’re able to make it a part of your lifestyle. As a holistic health coach I can help you make those changes based on your food preferences, schedule, and kitchen appliances. When you only have to work out 20% of the time it creates a lot more free time! I HATE exercise, always have always will, so my workouts consist of dog walking, house cleaning, a little yoga and wii hoola hooping. So the next time you’re dreading going to the gym think about your food instead and always remember you are what you eat!!!

I’ve just finished creating a 1 month meal plan that follows The Virgin Diet. This diet recognizes food sensitivities and their relation to inflammation and claims if you eliminate the top 7 inflammatory foods you’ll lose up to 7 pounds in 7 days. Well what are the top 7??…..eggs, peanuts, sugar, soy, corn, dairy, and gluten. I know it sounds really crazy, but there is a lot of science behind why these foods cause inflammation. Once you clear out the inflammation you give your body a chance to heal, then you can add in one food at a time and see if you still have a sensitivity. You don’t have to do this cold turkey, but hopefully my dinner meal plans will inspire you to eat this way more often.


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