Our visit to Dr. Rubin- The Amish Iridologist

I’ve been meaning to visit Dr. Rubin after numerous family members and patients have shared their testimonies with me over the years. I’ve heard all kinds of stories about how he looks into your eyes and without lab work or health history tells you exactly what is wrong. Patients who were left with no hope from traditional doctors swear Rubin cured them.  My friend Lauren and I were discussing our distaste for traditional medicine and decided it was time to see what Dr. Rubin was all about. He lives in an Amish community about a 2 1/2 hour drive from Nashville. It’s a completely different world out there from the way they don’t have contracts with the government to the way they grow their own food and live off the earth. It really felt like we were in a time warp but in a good way. We got lost a few times, but we finally made it!

As he is shining the light into my eye I’m asking, “Are you Rubin?” I’m sure he’s seen a few thousand patients in his time and forgot to introduce himself. I didn’t care I was just excited to meet the guy. The first thing he asked me about was tobacco and cleaning products!?  I’ve always been sensitive to cleaning products and later remembered my grandfather I visited every summer grew tobacco on top of a hill and built his house and garden at the bottom.  He then asked about ovarian cysts, pain, and endometriosus. Most females in my family do have endometriosus; I had assumed the pain was normal. He asked about family thyroid issues and if I had any questions. I was thrilled he didn’t mention Lyme but had to ask. He looked in my eyes again and mentioned something about my spleen and he could see a lot of healing. He recommended a few herbs I’d already researched, a few things I’d never heard of, and a special hydrogen peroxide bath.  I was happy and knew Lauren was ready to get her eyes checked out. Lauren’s gone through a lot of health issues and we were both interested to hear what he had to say. He first picked up on parasites, which we knew. Then he asked about her ovaries, 1 removed. Next he asked about her childhood and relationship with her mother. I knew she had some issues but was floored that Dr. Rubin could know all this after looking into her eyes for 2 minutes. What’s even crazier is that 2 days ago Lauren started praying about her relationship with her mom!  He didn’t just leave it at that like most doctors do after delivering bad news. He explained to her how important this connection was to her physical health and we hadn’t even give him a dime, nor did he ask for any payment.

All in all it was a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of Americah. It was nice to see people living enjoyable, sustainable, healthy lives outside of working the 9-5 just to have 2 days off. I am so excited to continue to heal with my new herbs and hope more of you will do the same. The human body truly is remarkable and will heal itself if you just give it the chance. The first step is eating organic.



8 thoughts on “Our visit to Dr. Rubin- The Amish Iridologist

  1. I am so excited to read this! I am setting up an appointment today! I find this amazing…I have not felt well for some time, went to internal dr. They want 7 to 8 thousand dollars just to do some test! I hope your feeling great!

  2. I have heard so much about Mr Rubin my brother and I would love to vist him do we need to make a appointment are do we just show up. Showing up just don’t sound right to me. please answer via email

  3. Does anyone know if Dr. Schwartz is still practicing, how does one get in touch to make appointment. thanks so much

  4. I haven’t been in awhile, but here’s his address.

    Ruben Schwartz. Write to him for an appointment at:
    Vernon Community
    1205 Radure Road
    Hestand, KY 42151

  5. It’s all b s he is not a Dr .and no where is it proven anyone can look in your eyes and diagnos you .he almost killed me when he shot a dropper full of something down my throat that cut off my airway. I was a goner !! He sit in the corner of the room smiling saying I talked myself into a panic attack! ! There was an evil force in that room that day that held me down in that chair.my husband and mother in law started praying for me and the hold released. He said I had lung Vance 300.00$ of herbs .went to my real dr yesterday. No signs of such.it’s all about the money he makes from the herbs .research this evil person

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