How to brew your own

Kombucha “the elixer of life” is basically just fermented tea that’s made up of B vitamins, probiotics, and antioxidants. Kombucha can increase energy, immunity, alkalinity, detoxification & digestion. Many people report relief from constipation, arthritis, ulcers, even less wrinkles and gray hair, lower blood pressure, and balanced hormones. Its sweet, sour, fizzy, and highly addictive. Its usually $3-4 at the store for a small bottle or you can make your own at home very easily. I got a kit for Christmas that came with a mailed scoby (the mother or starter). If you don’t know anyone with a scoby you can actually just keave a store bought bottle at room temp covered with cheese cloth and eventually that will produce a scoby. My kit came with the tea, sugar, glass jar, cheese cloth, and temperature strip. It’s very simple and ready within about 3 weeks.

1. Boil 4 cups water
2. Steep 6 organic black tea bags for 20 min, let cool
3. Add 4 cups cool water and transfer to 1 gallon jar
4. When less than 95 degrees add scoby and 1 cup liquid from last batch or store bought
5. Jar should be 3/4 full, covered with cloth, on top of fridge, 2-4 weeks depending on temp

Just give it a taste every now and then and bottle before it becomes vinegar (4 wks). Add fruit puree, ginger, herbs, maca, or raisins and let sit air tight for a few days to increase the fizz. Store in the fridge and it’s ready to go! Each batch will produce a new scoby to give to friends or supposedly you can cube them up and even stir fry or candy them!


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