Grounding is something I have been meaning to incorporate into my daily routine. It’s a simple concept and it makes sense. Studies show when walking barefoot there’s a transfer of free electrons from the Earth into your body. These free electrons are probably the most potent antioxidants known to man. Even more interesting is how our bodies will store these electron antioxidants until they’re needed for free radical or injury repair.

With grounding these antioxidants are responsible for the clinical observations from numerous studies:

-Beneficial changes in heart rate
-Improved digestion, sleep, and immunity
-Decreased levels of inflammation
-Neutralizes free radicals
-Decreased blood viscosity & blood pressure
-Decreased blood clotting and increased circulation
-Accelerated recovery from intense athletic activity
-Reduced stress / anxiety / irritability
-Reduced electrosensitivity

There is nothing quite like walking barefoot on the beach. The salt water is also a great place to ground and a source of magesium which is probably one of the reasons why we sleep so much better on vacation. Walking on wet grass is the next best way to ground yourself. Lastly unsealed concrete can also be a good conductor. There are mats, sheets, and bands that supposedly work similarly if you live in the city or cold climates. One thing to remember about our skin and nails are that they soak up chemicals, nail polish, make up, sunscreen, pesticides, etc. so keep that in mind before grounding. Let me know if it helps!


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